Tree Health Services

Hughes Landscaping Tree Service Division is dedicated to providing professional, safe, and the very best services for tree removal, stump grinding, tree preservation, and other tree-related services in the Potomac, Bethesda, Cabin John, and surrounding areas in Maryland and Washington, DC.

We are licensed, insured, and are certified by the State of Maryland with the Tree Expert License.

When diagnosing tree health, our Tree Care Division will typically perform a thorough examination of the tree and its surroundings to assess its overall condition. This may include looking at the tree’s leaves, branches, bark, and root system, as well as checking for signs of pests, diseases, or other issues. We may also take soil samples and analyze them for nutrient levels and pH.

To ensure proper tree health, our Team may recommend a variety of treatment options, which may include:

Pruning: removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches to promote healthy growth and prevent the spread of disease.

Fertilization: applying fertilizer to improve soil conditions and provide the tree with necessary nutrients.

Pest and Disease Control: treating the tree for pests or diseases that have been identified.

Watering: providing the tree with sufficient water, especially during times of drought.

Mulching: Adding a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to protect the roots and retain moisture.

Cabling and Bracing: installing cables and braces to support weak branches and prevent damage during storms

Tree Removal: If the tree is severely damaged or diseased, it may need to be removed

It’s important to keep in mind that different trees have different needs, and the best course of action will depend on the specific tree and its individual needs.

Office number: 301-330-4949
Emergency number: 301-233-0322

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Some of our tree removal, clean-up, and trimming services include:
Tree Healthcare, Assessments, and Treatments
Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Care & Mitigation
Tree Trimming, Pruning, Maintenance Programs
Tree Preservation & Strategies
Stump Grinding, Stump Removal
Lot and Land Clearing