Hardscaping – Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls

Hughes Landscaping provides you and your family the ability to create an incredible outdoor living space that you will all enjoy for years.  Custom-crafted, professionally-built patios, walking paths, or retaining walls will provide you with a new usable space outside throughout the year.  Not only do these construction projects increase the value of your property, but they are also purposefully built and provide enhanced functionality.  Ready to get started?

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls have a multitude of uses and are purposeful-built.  Many times, retaining walls are used to structurally support a landscape from erosion, contain grounds, and separate a portion of land.  In addition, retaining walls can be incorporated into steps or a walking path, as well as enclosing a specific space like a fire pit or other entertaining area in your backyard.  At Hughes Landscaping, we offer a wide assortment of stones and other accents for the design, and can also incorporate outdoor lighting during the build.

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Hardscape Patios
Hardscape patios not only increase the value of your home’s property, but extend the living space from the inside of your home, to the outside.  Our patio designs can be built with a variety of stones and other materials and in any size or shape.  Use the patio as an entertaining space with a table and chairs or grill island, or a new play area for children.  Adding a retaining wall to enclose part of the space allows a more natural separation, as well as it becoming a seat wall to add more functionally and usable space.

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Walking Paths. Steps
Many homeowners who opt for a custom walking path or steps often incorporate these builds with a hardscape patio or retaining walls.  A custom walkway naturally increases your property value and can provide a more robust, safer, and aesthetically-pleasing means to your entryway or throughout your landscape.