As the Fall Season is just a few days, gardening implemented this fall will bring great rewards next Spring. Now is actually a great time to revive your landscape with flower bulbs, as well as other perennials and blooming shrubs.fall season landscaping
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Hughes Landscaping offers a variety of options to prepare your property for the Fall Season. Planting pots and entranceways can be “spruced up” with vibrant and hardy mums and perhaps coupled with some cabbage or kale. These seasonal fall accents give us the ability to transition your outdoor living spaces and maintain the interest of your family and guests.
Once again, Fall is a great time to evaluate your current trees, and maybe think about planting
new ones. Since the leaves are still hanging on the trees, our Arborist can assess the general health and recommend treatment of your trees if necessary. Fall is also an opportune time to locate dangerous dead wood and problematic branches within your tree canopy, and schedule their removal before winter weather arrives. A comprehensive “In Tree Inspection” is included during pruning and maintenance visits, utilizing our climber’s time in your trees.
Hughes Landscaping can assist you with tree health care applications, pruning and trimming, removals, and stump grinding of any kind and size. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our Arborist and to take advantage of your tree’s potential!
It is also one of the best times to inquire about any hardscaping, construction, and enhancement projects. No matter your project scope and ideas, the Hughes Landscaping Teams have the experience to design and implement your project from conception through the installation process. We are ready to begin when you are!