Fall is a great time to plan and implement next year’s landscaping and garden.

At this time, garden beds should be made ready for bulbs that will soonhughes landscaping be shipped to nurseries; perennials should be divided if they are too crowded; lilies can be planted and transplanted; turf aerated, over-seeded, and fertilized; needled evergreens given a final pruning.

Raspberries should be thinned and pruned in fall to maximize next year’s fruit production. Remember last spring when you wished you had planted bulbs? Now is the time to dig beds to plant bulbs in October for blooming next spring. If you don’t have the time, contact us to help dig the beds and fill them with bulbs and pansies.  Nurseries are now beginning to show chrysanthemums. Small mums planted now with a bit of fertilizer sprinkled over the bed can be big mums and put on a real show by late October.

In September we will be paying close attention to your turf. If you would like us to core aerate and over-seed your lawn, but haven’t authorized it, please call to get on the schedule. We will only be doing this work throughout the months of September and October. If you plan to do this lawn renovation work yourself, now is the best time to do it. After core aeration is performed, be sure to irrigate the soil 1 inch per week, as often as possible. Try not to let the soil completely dry out. If your seed is planted in bare soil, do not soak or flood your lawn. When watering a new lawn, use just enough water to keep the soil moist at seed depth. Mowing blade height should be set at 3 inches -3.5 inches which will promote a better density and root support.

Fall fertilization includes fertilization to enhance lawn green-up. Only weed control spot treatments will be performed at this time. Although autumn is one of our busiest periods, we are never too busy to meet with you to help design and implement changes in your garden. As your garden starts to go dormant for the winter, it is a good time to plan a new patio, pathway, stone wall, fence, pergola, or other structure to help you better use your garden through the winter and next spring. Fall is often the best time to do construction projects because it’s more efficient to work when the perennial beds have been cut back.

Trees add beauty and value to your property. Fall is a great time to evaluate your current trees and maybe think about planting new ones. Since the leaves are still hanging on the trees, our Arborist can assess the general health and recommend treatment of your trees if necessary. Fall is also an opportune time to locate dangerous dead wood and problematic branches within your tree canopy, and schedule their removal before winter weather arrives. A comprehensive “In Tree Inspection” is included during pruning and maintenance visits, utilizing our climber’s time in your trees. Hughes landscaping can assist you with tree health care applications, pruning and trimming, removals, and stump grinding. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our Arborist and to take advantage of your tree’s potential!