Community Responsibility

At Hughes Landscaping we are committed to the communities in which we live and work.  We contribute our services to a variety of organizations, including:

The Cabin John Citizens Association is an organization of concerned citizens dedicated to addressing the concerns of the Cabin John community.  Since 1919, the Cabin John Citizens Association (CJCA) has worked to further the interests of our community and has served as a forum for discussion of problems and concerns. The CJCA’s fundamental goal is to preserve and promote our identity as a community.

“Hughes Landscaping has contributed time and materials to the CJCA for many years.  For a small organization like ours, the support of the great folks at Hughes makes a real impact.”
Burr Gray, President

Potomac Conservancy safeguards the lands and waters of the Potomac River and its tributaries and connects people to this national treasure. As the Voice of the Nation’s River, the Conservancy’s primary focus is to restore water quality by advocating sound policy and promoting thoughtful land management. The Conservancy protects and restores Potomac landscapes by enhancing a network of rivers, forests, and natural areas.  Because healthy lands and rivers reflect the quality of life in our communities,  the Conservancy promotes enjoyment of the river in ways that foster a conservation ethic.

Environmental Responsibility

As a landscaping company, we work in and with the environment every day.  As landscapers, people, parents, we strive to do so in the most responsible of ways.  From the projects we undertake – erosion control, native plantings, rain gardens, green roofs, storm water management – to the ways in which we operate, we seek out ways to preserve and protect the environment.

We offer various lawn care programs, including a fully organic option, all of which utilize materials that are not harmful to the environment.  We maintain an affiliation with Recycled Green Industries, which enables us to handle materials removed from a job site in a unique way.  In short, all organic materials removed from your site will be recycled – converted to mulch, compost or topsoil.  We are proud to achieve 100% recycling, 0% landfill for all green materials.