Flo-Well Systems

At Hughes Landscaping, we do more than just Landscaping Design and Installation, or just building your most amazing Outdoor Living Space.

Many homeowners and property owners tend to experience flooding, drainage, or standing water in or around their home.  Often caused by the shifting of grounds – and sometimes shoddy workmanship of your dwelling, we can assist with mitigating your drainage or waterproofing issue the first time, every time, so that it will not happen again.

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Flo-Well Systems

A flo-well system is a type of stormwater management system designed to store and discharge excess rainwater in an environmentally friendly manner. The system typically consists of a buried basin or chamber, which is used to store rainwater runoff and prevent it from entering the local sewer system. This helps to reduce the amount of strain placed on the sewer system during heavy rain events and reduces the risk of sewage overflow into nearby waterways.

Flo-well systems are important because they help to manage and improve the quality of stormwater runoff, which can otherwise carry pollutants and contribute to the degradation of local water resources. By slowing down and filtering runoff, flo-wells help to reduce the risk of erosion and improve the overall health of local water systems. Additionally, the use of flo-wells can help to mitigate the impacts of heavy rainfall on local infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and buildings.  Is a flo-well system the best drainage solution at your home?  Ask our Hughes Landscaping Team for a free estimate today!