Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Our focus in the early part of August will be to get at the weeds in beds before they go to seed.  Then, starting in September and upcore aeration through October, we will renovate lawns by core aerating and over-seeding with premium, endophyte-enhanced grass seed. Late summer is the perfect time to refurbish your lawn. In mid-September, your existing turf will till. Tillering is the natural dividing and spreading process that grass goes through twice each year when the daytime and nighttime hours are about the same. Core aerating the soil will enhance this natural process by loosening the soil in the root zone so that the new grass can spread and survive more easily. If your lawn requires a more extensive rejuvenation, we can also top-dress your yard with a fresh layer of topsoil or LeafGro ®. If you would like to add this service, give us a call and we will schedule it at the same time as the core aeration.

In late August and September, we will core aerate and overseed lawns. Core aeration is the best thing you can do to encourage a healthy, drought-resistant lawn. The soil in our area is typically so high in clay content that during the normal cycle of getting wet and drying out it becomes compact enough to prevent healthy root development for turf grasses. Core aerators pull plugs from your turf about the size of your index finger. The holes open up the root system to air and nutrients, new grass seed, and starter fertilizer. Aeration, even without overseeding, will enable your stand of existing turf grass to improve. Overseeding with high-quality, endophyte-enhanced grass seed will help you develop a turf that is resistant to many diseases, some insects, and the vagaries of Washington weather. If done annually, weeds in your lawn will become the exception, healthy turf is the rule. Whether or not we aerate, please make sure your lawn gets ample water to support the new growth that results from tillering. With our usual cool nights and warm days, turf grass should prosper through the fall months before going dormant in the winter.

It is important during this time when the grass is storing reserve sugar in the root system for the winter dormant season that it receives adequate water. An inch of water per week (whether from rain or from your watering) is ideal for turf. Morning watering is better than evening.

For more information and to get on our schedule to ensure your landscape is healthy and amazing, give us a call at 301-330-4949 or contact us via the form on our Contact Page.